About us

Established in 1989 thanks to Oriano and Paolo's expertise, the company was initially located in small premises in Montecatini Terme. In 1994, due to the increasing amount of business over the first few years, the company moved to a bigger operating centre in the industrial area of Guamo, just outside the city of Lucca, where it remained for the following 7 years. In August 2001 the new operating centre was opened in via S.Pertini in Altopascio. The new warehouse covers a surface of 8000 Sq.m. with 23 loading docks and a total working surface of 1500 Sq.m., and further 400 Sq.m. are covered by managing and operating offices.

Since 2001 our company has constantly grown on the market, so that we have become one of the main benchmarks for the companies in the provinces of Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa as regards transport in Italy and all over Europe.

We offer custom-made transportation to meet all our clients' requirements with special attention to safety, price, punctuality and courtesy.

We are able to transport any kind of material all over the world through our leading commercial partners in Italy.

We provide air-, sea- and road freight, free personalised quotes, assistance and operational advice throughout the service.

Our expertise and courtesy have granted us a prominent position in the branch of national and international transportation services over the years.